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Why do I need a coordinator on my wedding day?
You spend months, sometimes even years planning your wedding day. When that day arrives the last thing you will want to do is WORK! You should be able to kick back, relax and be the bride. By employing a coordinator, you are ensured that all of the endless details will be managed allowing you, and your guests, the opportunity to enjoy your event to the fullest.

Why would I need a coordinator to plan my entire event?
Let’s face it, life can be busy. With the demands of our careers and personal lives we often find that we don’t have the time for planning all of the details. It requires hours and hours of time to plan and execute a successful event. Hiring a coordinator to work through all the details for you can be worth it to those with little time.

Why should I use Bella Fontaine Events?
My mission is to treat your event as if it is my own. I pay attention to every detail to ensure that everything goes as planned on your special day. My experience in event planning will gives our clients a sense of security. You can trust that I will work hard for YOU!

My venue already has an on-site coordinator.
Venue coordinators are very good at what they do but their job is to focus on the catering and/or venue services only. The details that go into your event is much more complex. I manage every vendor and every detail to ensure a great event.